Montreal Public Poetry Festival

Montreal Public Poetry Festival
“Pure Lines”
September 26 – 28, 2008

Okay poets, here’s the plan:

In just 104 days from today (June 14), Montreal’s first “Public Poetry” Festival will be held.

We at “Public Poetry/Poésie Publique” will coordinate the festival to highlight the wonderful, unique works of poets from near and far.

Like theatre fringe festivals, poets will apply for entry. A $50 fee will secure a 30 minute time slot (approx. 20 minutes of performance time.) Locations will be determined after all entries are received.

The deadline for entry is Friday, August 29, 2008.

If you would like an entry form, please email:
Include the words “entry form” in the subject line.

J.J. Locke
Director, Montreal Public Poetry Festival

We will provide:

1. Venues;
2. Box office service/ticket sales and location support;
3. Festival publicity;
4. Inclusion in the festival program.

Poets receive:

1. One hundred(100) percent of the box office revenue generated.

2. A place to launch your writing/book/chapbook; 20 minutes in front of a (hopefully) friendly audience, and the great satisfaction of taking your poetry public.

Show Publicity: Public Poetry will provide all poets with a publicity contact list to let you promote your work to the local media.

Accommodations: the Festival will assist poets in finding accommodations but cannot guarantee a free place to stay during the Festival. Out of town poets are ultimately responsible for finding their own accommodations.


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