Seeing Leonard Cohen

It is hard to remain quiet after having seen poet Leonard Cohen sing last night at Montreal’s Place des Arts. His dedication of a song to the late Irving Layton, reminded me of why this festival is important: to give poets an opportunity to carry the torch of poetry.

And we will do our best to ensure all poets who want to participate in the inaugural Montreal Public Poetry Festival get a chance. If a poet doesn’t have pockets of money, or much writing to share, they can team up with a poet friend to share a 1/2 hour slot. Cooperation in the style of Layton and Cohen.


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One Response to “Seeing Leonard Cohen”

  1. jenn Says:

    Hi there
    saw Leonard Cohen live too, and was overwhelmed by the welcome Montreal gave him, a real love fest. I loved that his poetry and music came together on stage, in his home town, and that at 73 he is still ‘up’ for it. Such a gracious man,
    and the band was good too!
    good luck with your poetry festival, I’m sorry I’ll be away at a workshop that weekend – just hearing of your festival now for the first time.
    Poetry is taking a back seat for me, for a while, while I focus on working with women, the feminine mysteries calling me….

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