Call for poetry submissions

From Leonard Cohen's, Back In Montreal

From Leonard Cohen's, Back In Montreal


In honour of Leonard Cohen’s 75th birthday (September 21, 2009,) the Foundation for Public Poetry/Fondation Poésie Publique is seeking submissions of poetry(poetic responses) based upon Leonard Cohen’s poetry. A maximum of seventy-five poems will be selected for this publication.

The publication is a fundraising initiative to help support the commencement of a Leonard Cohen Poet-In-Residence program at Leonard’s old high school(Westmount High.)

All submissions will be considered to grant the Foundation for Public Poetry anthology rights. Submissions should include a note of reference to the Cohen poem which the author is responding to. Authors should also include a three-line biography and complete contact information.

Deadline for submissions is July 12, 2009.

9 Responses to “Call for poetry submissions”

  1. publicpoetry Says:



    We will accept previously published work, but our preference is original material composed specifically tied/linked/inspired by a Leonard Cohen poem. We request reference to the poem’s title (and the book title if known.)

    For previously published work, please include details of publication(publisher and date) with the submission. Where the publisher has copyright, the author MUST have the publisher send an email granting anthology rights to the Foundation for Public Poetry.”


    We will accept poems based upon Leonard Cohen’s songs. However, our preference is original material composed specifically tied/linked/inspired by a Leonard Cohen poem.

    Some of Cohen’s poetry can be found online at

  2. muchavida Says:

    First of all I want to say that this is a great idea, congratulations!
    I want to know it here is any limitation about the language… I write in spanish and would like to know if is it possible to send poems in that language.
    Thank you!

    • publicpoetry Says:

      Unfortunately, we are not (currently)equipped to evaluate the poem. You could submit, then it’s in our hands.

  3. ulla zwicker Says:

    what a fabulous idea!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Should submissions be sent in the body of the email or as an attached Word document?

    • publicpoetry Says:

      Either way is acceptable. If there are formatting properties, a Word document may be better.

  5. Garth Says:

    Is Margaret Atwood’s poem appearing in the anthology?

    • publicpoetry Says:

      She has agreed to contribute an original piece. We hope to receive it soon. Yes, it would appear in the anthology.

  6. spotswoodpress Says:

    Every five years this idea deserves to come around again–find a Cohen poem, write your own….

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