Birthday book launch report (1)


“…just want to say it was a fabulous event last night… And the anthology looks wonderful. I am pleased to be a part of it. The readings went swell and there was also cake…” — Toronto poet, Desi di Nardo

” The launch for the anthology, Leonard Cohen: You’re Our Man–75 poets reflect on the poetry of Leonard Cohen, was a great success. The room downstairs at Type Books was packed. Literary portraits on the walls, including one of Irving Layton, looked on benignly as we read. As MC, I opened the event with “Once Having Known You” to celebrate the birthday. This sound poem, which the whole gang performed together as an instant orchestra, appeared, co-incidentally, in my anthologized piece. Robert Priest also had the crowd participate in his “Leonard Koans”. Surprisingly enough, the erotic was a dominant theme among the women readers. Max Layton was the only person present who’d actually met our man Leonard, though Goran Simic came a near miss). Sales were brisk, and there was much signing of anthologies by all the poets present. We had our words and ate them too: the cakes, both chocolate and carrot, were delicious. And yes, we sang “Happy Birthday!” to Leonard, and, it turned out, to Laurie Graham, who shares his birthday. Reading were Rachel Delph, Desi di Nardo, Catherine Graham, Laurie Graham, Heather Jessop, Penn Kemp, Max Layton, Robert Priest, Goran Simic and Marcel Soulliere. Thanks to our esteemed editor, J. J. Locke of Foundation for Public Poetry/Fondation Poésie Publique, and Type Books for the grand occasion to celebrate Leonard Cohen… and poetry! — Poet Penn Kemp


3 Responses to “Birthday book launch report (1)”

  1. Marcel Soulliere Says:


    and i bathe now
    in the adulation
    of those
    who were not there

    and i accept
    best wishes
    from persons
    unfamiliar with my name

    and i raise up my voice
    to one who knows me
    above everyone else
    in the hope
    that i am not found wanting

  2. susancarol Says:

    marcel, thank you

    these now a prayer


    • Marcel Soulliere Says:

      Thanks susancarol

      this is literally my reaction that i wrote as i drove home from the book launch in toronto. i pulled off the highway to write it down before it was lost. i’m very happy you like it.


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