Leonard Cohen Sold

Okay, it’s not Leonard per se, but the print, Back in Montreal, Cohen generously  donated to help fund the L.C. Poet in Residence program at Westmount High.

    Thought Technology's Lawrence Klein(left) and Public Poetry's Jack Locke. "Back In Montreal's" new home.

The poetry supporter and purchaser is none other than Lawrence Klein, poet and Vice President, Thought Technology Ltd. the world’s leading Biofeedback /Neurofeedback manufacturer. Holding the lithograph “Back In Montreal” is Public Poetry’s Jack Locke.

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4 Responses to “Leonard Cohen Sold”

  1. Lawrence Klein Says:

    “Irving Layton”, the lion roared,
    “Is dogged by judicial hounds”.
    With a gesture the eagle soared,
    By phrase and verse he impounds

    Their petty pernicious procession
    In Solomon’s legal guise,
    Plying their parasitic profession
    Before his weary eyes.

    Like Gulliver in Swift’s tale,
    His victories were pyrrhic indeed,
    He saw the thieves were put in jail
    At the price of his Lawyers greed.

    The “moral” of this story
    To loosely use the word,
    Is “justice is not blind”,
    It’s functionally absurd.

    Copyright Lawrence Klein 2000

    What an unforgettable evening, Irving Layton regaled us with a saga of legal woes with three ex-wives!
    After hearing my first poem Irving calling me: “An intellectual Ogden Nash”!
    I then wrote him this poem, which is now in the “Layton Concordia University collection‘.

  2. mrsportpsych Says:

    This was the first poem I wrote, that Irving Layton commented on.


    Are words our masters, or are they our slave?
    A hopeless conundrum, but let me save
    You from this riddle. For it is only speech,
    Internal and externalized which requires the reach

    For definitions of ideas, conceptions, and thought
    Which are inherent to mankind, and need not be taught.
    But words are not plastic, but rigid and fixed,
    And it matters not how they are mixed,

    they still must mean what the dictionary said,
    and they structure the ideas that go on in your head.
    So, until you slip their slippery noose
    And really let your mind go loose,

    to wander through emotion, sensation and space,
    you’ll never understand, the meaning of grace.

    Copyright Lawrence Klein 1972

  3. mrsportpsych Says:

    What can one say about Mindfulness
    When one discusses Consciousness
    It is a time to count our blessings
    Like Love, Devotion, things that brings,

    Out the Divine in our minds,
    Beyond words, when one finds
    EMOTIONS of gratitude for our being
    Whole, our ‘Inner Strength’ seeing,

    we are all connected despite illusion
    of separateness, the one conclusion
    Beyond Thought – to quiet our mind
    And connect ourselves to the ‘Divine’!

    Breath out for six seconds and in for four.
    Appreciate life while you explore.

    Copyright Lawrence Klein 2013

  4. mrsportpsych Says:

    Happy eightieth Birthday, Leonard Cohen,
    Or 41st anniversary of your 39th – wherever you roam,
    A Montrealer you are, poetic and lithe,
    World Class artist – you surely thrive,

    In the spotlight of Art, a towering Voice,
    Perhaps a bit raspy, your unique choice
    Of Poetic illusions –of the human Spirit,
    Uplifting – transcendent – depth and wit,

    Unique is the word to capture your Song,
    “Halleluiah” – rejoice – you make us belong
    To our humanity, as we wander the World,
    Our roots, grounded in your song. Never old.

    We rejoice in the wonder you help us discover
    Accept our thanks, spiritual big brother.

    Copyright Lawrence Klein 2014

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