Leonard Cohen: You’re Our Man

Biographies & Notes

Allison Akgungor grew up in Montreal, attending Montreal High and McGill University in the 1960’s. A retired nurse, she has lived in Edmonton since 1977 and is a member of Edmonton’s Stroll of Poets Society.
Nick Appleyard is a 27-year-old poet from Yorkshire, in the North of England. He lives in the east end of London and works as a journalist to pay the bills. As well as his own creative writing he publishes an in-frequent fanzine to put out the work of others.
Margaret Atwood is the author of more than thirty-five volumes of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction including The Edible Woman (1970), The Handmaid’s Tale (1983), and The Blind Assassin, which won the prestigious Booker Prize in 2000. She has received numerous awards and many honorary degrees.
Elizabeth Bachinsky is the author of three collections of poetry, most recently God of Missed Connections (Nightwood) Her work was nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Poetry in 2006. She is an instructor of creative writing at Douglas College in New Westminster where she is Poetry Editor for Event magazine. <;
Montreal poet Katharine Beeman has published with The Muses’ Company/La compagnie des Muses, Poetas, in revues and anthologies, and most recently in And Left a Place to Stand On(honouring People’s Poet Al Purdy.) She regularly performs in readings and festivals.
Frank Alan Bella is an artist and writer published in dozens of magazines and journals, including Artist/Writer, BOHeME, and The National Library of Poetry. He has self-published several chapbooks containing his poetry. Frank currently lives in Chico, CA with his beautiful daughter, Justice.
Roxanna Bennett is a poet who lives and works in Toronto. Her work has appeared in Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, and The Malahat Review.
Denis Berthoud is a scientist still holding on to his literary dreams. He most recently was published in The Ski Journal. Newly married and freely admits that the music of Leonard Cohen played a large role in the preceding courtship.
Susan Borgersen received part of her early education at a convent boarding school. Now retired, she lives on the south shore of Nova Scotia with her patient husband, four dogs and a collection of 24 ukuleles.
A.T. (Alison) Brunner currently lives in Arizona where she continues her search for the perfect, ugly quilt. She loves rain, fruit & animals. She would also like to adopt your grandparents.
Jason Camlot is the author of three collections of poetry, Attention All Typewriters (2005), The Animal Library (2001) and The Debaucher (2008). His critical works include Language Acts: Anglo-Québec Poetry, 1976 to the 21st Century (2007), co-edited with Todd Swift, and Style and the Nineteenth-Century British Critic (2008). He is the poetry editor of the Punchy Writers Series, a new imprint of DC Books, and he teaches Victorian literature at Concordia University.
Brian Campbell is a Montreal-based poet, singer-songwriter, editor, and translator. Author of Guatemala and Other Poems (1994) and Undressing the Night (2007), Campbell co-founded Sky of Ink Press which prints chapbooks by emerging poets.
J.R. Carpenter is winner of the QWF Carte Blanche Quebec Award (2008), the CBC Quebec Short Story Competition (2003 & 2005) and the Expozine Alternative Press Award for Best English Book for Words the Dog Knows.
steve dalachinsky was born in 1946 in Brooklyn, New York. His work has appeared extensively in journals on & off line. He has produced many chapbooks and CDs and has read throughout the N.Y. area, and internationally.
Meredith Darling is a poet and playwright whose current projects include the post-avant-garde band Glisten and the Beast. She has lived in Montreal more than half her life. She knows no shame.
Rachel Delph has worked at U. of Toronto for 14 years in the library system. An artist and architect, she make poems out of book spines “titles” in order to survive the day. It is a long process, dictated by chance and methodology.
Desi Di Nardo. Her poetry has been featured in Poetry on the Way on Toronto’s transit system, and printed on Starbucks cups. She is the author of The Plural of Some Things. Visit
Joanne Faryon is a Winnipeg-born, journalist living in San Diego, who discovered Leonard Cohen’s poetry in her first year of university. For me, his work weaves together longing, religion, and sex… in some beautiful way.”
Susan Ruth Fitch is a Montreal freelance artist and writer. This is her first published poem.
Parched Words results from Marianna Foka’s longstanding passion with poetry which, in the last five years, has blossomed into her own writing. She has a BA (History & Philosophy of Art,) and an MA (Cultural Policy & Management.)
John Fretz has published a poem and two articles in the website Montreal Serai. He co-organizes and hosts the Montreal spoken word event Poetry Plus, and produces Poetry in the Park, a Westmount Community event.
Laurie Fuhr’s most recent chapbook is night flying: Cold Lake Poems (Pooka Press 2009.) She founded the Small Press Action Network Calgary, produces the Calgary Independent Press & Arts Fair, and serves as Managing Editor and Blow-Out festival organizer for filling Station Magazine.
Rodger Gerberding’s publications include Some Council Bluff Ghosts; From The Earth: A Biography of Frank Utpatel; and The Ticket Taker At Blue Earth. As an artist, he has shown widely, and illustrated/decorated fifty books.
Melissa A. Goddard is a molecular biologist, currently residing on the island of Barbados. She was also a member of George Lamming’s Master Fiction Writing Class and is a frequent spoken word participant.
Catherine Graham is author of The Watch (Abby Press), Pupa (Insomniac Press) and The Red Element (Insomniac Press). She teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto and is Vice President of Project Bookmark Canada.
Laurie D. Graham’s poetry has appeared in Event, Other Voices, and The Fieldstone Review. She grew up in Sherwood Park, Alberta and now lives in Toronto, Ontario. She was born on Leonard Cohen’s 42nd birthday.
Melissa Hansen lives in San Francisco with her husband, where she writes and works at a lot of libraries. She is the author of “little beasts”, a collection of poetry, and “her machine”, a fiction collection.
Tiffany Howell is a closet poetry writer living in Los Angeles. She works in the film and fashion industry as a creative stylist. She is an animal advocate and often finds herself reading her poetry for an audience of dogs. She has a gypsy heart but a practical life.
Brian J. Hatcher’s fiction has been featured in the Legends of the Mountain State series, and his poetry has been included in The Kanawha Review and Weird Tales Magazine. He is also contributing to The Writers Workshop of Horror.
Gili Hirsch, 22, is a poet and a teacher. Born and raised in Israel, she will be attending SAIC in Chicago. She has been a life-long student of Leonard Cohen, and considers him her Kosher Guru. He doesn’t know it. Yet.
Heather Jessup’s writing has been published in PRISM International, The Malahat Review, Grain, etc. She holds an M.A. in Creative Writing and English Literature from Concordia University and was the co-editor of Delirium Press.
Myna Lee Johnstone got stranded on an Island on the “Wetcoast” of Canada 20 years ago. She is a grandmother who rages about there being too many automobiles on this planet….
Maartje Katzenbauer is separated by 50 years of age from Leonard Cohen. A doctor and a journalist in the Netherlands, Katzenbauer adores the poet, the singer, the songwriter, the monk and the artist.
Penn Kemp has been expanding text and aural boundaries. Her publications include twenty-five books (poetry and drama), ten CDs (Sound Operas) and six videopoems. Currently writer-in-residence at the University of Western Ontario.
Max Layton was born in Montreal, is a teacher, and the author of the novel, Some Kind of Hero; a book of short stories, Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear; and a CD of songs, Heartbeat of Time. Presently at work on a book of poems, he lives with his wife Sharon outside Toronto.
French writer & poet, Kévin Lehénaff lives in Paris where he works as a C.C.O. & Lead Game Designer for Beyondthepillars SAS, a studio specialized in cultural and poetic online games.
Angela Leuck, author of Garden Meditations and A Cicada in the Cosmos (forthcoming from inkling press), haiku white and haiku noir (carve, 2007) and Flower Heart (Blue Ginkgo Press, 2006). She is Vice-Pres. of Haiku Canada.
Ann Lloyd is the author of Lurching Into the Looney Bin. At age 70, she is a member of the Quebec Writers Federation and “catching up to Leonard.”
Ehab Lotayef is a Montreal writer, social justice advocate and engineer.
Diana Loureiro. Born in a tempestous November night, under a scorpio sign. Actress, painter, writer, dreamer. Cursing the modern times. Born christian, now abandoned to nature. Ordered to follow Leonard Cohen’s words.
Jeffrey Mackie is a poet living in Montreal, Canada. He hosts a regular literary feature on CKUT radio.
Sean Labrador y Monzano has an MFA in Poetry from Mills College. He has been published in Chain, Bay Poetics, and The Best American Poetry 2004. He was a Zora Neale Hurston scholar at Naropa’s Summer Writing Program.
Garth Martens has work published or forthcoming in Grain Magazine, This Side of West, and The Pacific Rim Review of Books. He divides his time between Victoria, British Columbia, and Edmonton, Alberta.
A Montreal-Toronto corridor writer, Michael Mirolla’s latest novel, Berlin, was a finalist for the 2009 Indie Book Award. Among his other publications are the Light And Time (poetry), and The Formal Logic of Emotion (short-story) collections.
Grace Moore has an MA in English literature from McGill and has partially completed a Ph. D. in Études anglaises at the Université de Montréal. She coordinates the Montreal writing group, Expresso Writers.
Brian Nowlin is currently writing a dissertation on the poet Wallace Stevens to complete a doctorate degree in English. The first four lines of Nowlin’s poem come directly from Cohen’s Here We Are At The Window. The other quoted lines near the end of Nowlin’s poemcome from Cohen’s Beneath My Hands.
Tarn Painter-MacArthur is a born and raised Montrealer, who recently graduated from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. He has been writing and studying poetry for two years.
Lesley Pasquin is a Montreal educator, writer and poet. Her work appears in Monteal Serai and carte-blanche. She won Poem of the Year 2008 for Room Magazine.
Lynn Patmalnee recently studied at the Writers Institute at Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has been published in Spindle, The Same, Big City Lit, and Blood Orange Review. As Lynn Crystal, she plays Leonard’s music weekly as host of the long-running Carnival of Song radio show on WFDU FM 89.1 in Teaneck, N.J.
Robert Priest, is the author of Reading the Bible Backwards (ECW press). His words have been debated in the legislature, posted in the Transit system, quoted in the Farmer’s Almanac, and turned into a hit song.
Shaunagh Darling Robertson was born in northern England, studied in France and Scotland and now lives in London. She has worked as a chef, charity worker, business consultant, librarian, property developer, jewellery designer and professional poker player.
Ain Roost, Ph. D., is a psychologist/philosopher/artist. Originally from Sweden, Roost grew up in Toronto, visiting Montreal, one of his favorite cities, many times through the years. He has lived in San Diego for the past 30 years.
Chantel Rosario works in hotel reservations. “I am aware of how much the tone of one’s voice and the words in which they use can make someone surrender or not. When I read Leonard Cohen… I surrender every time.”
Ryan Ruddick has bent metal, graded plywood, shovelled gravel, jockeyed gas pumps, installed sewer pipe and built roads. He now teaches English Language Arts at Westmount High School.
Lori Runkle has worked as a journalist, photographer and college instructor. She, earned her M.A. in literature from the American University in Washington, D.C. As a Buddhist, her work addresses challenges of an interdependent world.
Jacob Scheier is a Toronto-born poet and journalist, currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His debut poetry collection, More to Keep us Warm (ECW Press 2007) won the 2008 Governor General’s Award.
Nicoline Schor and Finn White (Pegasus And The Phoenix ( Schor is a writer and counselor, originally from Amsterdam, currently residing in rural Australia. White is a writer, actor and personal trainer currently residing in Los Angeles.
David W. Seaman, puts petroglyph signs in his Lettriste paintings, exhibited in Europe. Most of his poetry is visual designs but he has read and taught too much Rimbaud and Baudelaire to abandon a search for the well-wrought line.
Rona Feldman Shefler began writing poetry as a senior while living in Vermont in the 1980’s. She graduated from Concordia University in 1986 and worked at Montreal Children’s Library for ten years.
Montréal poet and artist karen elaine spencer has a masters degree in fine arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal and has presented her work in Québec, Canada, Finland, Yugoslavia, Italy and France. She is a circulator of dreams.
Born in 1952 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Goran Simic moved to Toronto and became a Canadian citizen in 1996 after the Bosnian war. His books include Yesterday’s People, Immigrant Blues, and Sprinting from the Graveyard.
Sandra Sjollema was born in Tsawwassen, B.C. She has read her poetry at numerous Montreal venues and is a contributing poet to various publications. She works in the social services and runs projects for immigrant women.
David Solway is a critic, writer, and poet with eight books of poetry to date. He is a former teacher of English Literature at John Abbott College.
Marcel Soulliere, 44, has been writing for approximately 20 years with no works published(until now.)
Ani Kusmenoglu Tuna was born in Turkey. She was educated in her homeland, the USA and the UK. Currently, living in the Netherlands, she works for a bank. Inspired by the weather, waters of Amsterdam, and her little son.
Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Inna Veytsman has lived in Israel since 1990. Inna has an M.A in English literature from Tel-Aviv university and is an English teacher by profession. “I have loved Leonard Cohen’s art since my teens.”
Marcus Watney is a retired technical writer and returns to Hydra every summer. “We, The Greek was written in Tasso’s, Hydra, when an unseasonal storm forced us all to crowd inside… all except for one Greek, who stood moodily silhouetted in the doorway, willing the storm to end.”
Tom Wayman was born in Hawkesbury, Ontario, and currently teaches at the University of Calgary. He has 16 books of poetry published and received the Canadian Authors Association medal for poetry, and the A. J. M. Smith Prize.
Ann Weinstein is an octogenarian and retired English teacher, having taught at Dawson College(Montreal) for 20 years. Her children went to Westmount High.
erika n. white has been writing poetry on the island of Montreal for as long as she can remember. Her poem ‘cornmoon’ was recently published in Sagewoman quarterly. She is the coordinator of ‘twigs and leaves’ spoken word events.
Lieven Willems, 32, from Belgium, works as a PE teacher and assistant swimming coach in a changing landscape. He likes to travel and work in different countries. “Silence be my highest craving and words make it happen.”
Hazel Woodward is an old white South African, a housewife, a mother of three, and is married to a man of substance.
Donna Yates-Adelman is author of Yes, Sister: Memoir of a Young Nurse(Shoreline, 2005.) A Montreal advocate for nursing, her articles and letters have appeared in newspapers, medical journals and newsletters.
Eleni Zisimatos is a Montreal poet, born and raised. She is the editor of the poetry journal Vallum. Her work has been published in journals like The Antigonish Review, The Fiddlehead, Other Voices, Matrix, The Dalhousie Review and others.

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