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Montreal International Poetry Prize Announced

December 16, 2011

The $50,000 Montreal International Poetry Prize has been announced.
Congrats to Australian Mark Tredinnick for his poem: Walking Underwater. And congrats to the organizers.
Walking Underwater is not my cup of tea, but who am I to judge?
What are your thoughts about the Prize or the poem?


Leonard Cohen – You’re Our Man

May 18, 2009

To honour Leonard Cohen’s 75th birthday, the Foundation for Public Poetry/Fondation Poésie Publique is organizing:

An evening of The Poetry of Leonard Cohen with Reflections from Montreal Poets

  • We currently seek volunteers willing to help plan this fundraising event for the Foundation’s Poet-In-Residence program.
  • Experience in event coordination, marketing, and fundraising is preferred, but not imperative.

Contact J.J.(Jack) Locke at <> .

Evolution as a basis for improvement

June 16, 2008

It’s only been one day since the first notices of the Montreal Public Poetry Festival were sent. Response for application forms has been excellent. As an added feature, we will be offering 3 reading/performance times for just $100. People need a chance to hear their favourite poet at times that are convenient. The 3/100 option is to make the offering affordable and convenient. Let me know what you think…

Also, as Jan has pointed out, there is a noticeable shortage of French on this weblog. This will be rectified when a translator steps forward to offer their services on a voluntary basis. This points out the need for a volunteer recognition program which will be established(shortly.)

Lastly, I just wanted to mention how this is a wonderful process for building a community of poets who share the goal of making poetry more popular/accessible/supported and financially fruitful.