The Foundation for Public Poetry/ Fondation Poésie Publique

The organizing body of the Montreal Public Poetry Festival/Festival de Poésie Publique de Montréal is The Foundation for Public Poetry/ Fondation Poésie Publique, a federally registered non-profit corporation (#448369-3.

The current Board of Directors are:

Jack J. Locke (President

Larry MacKillop(interim Secretary/Treasurer)

2 Responses to “The Foundation for Public Poetry/ Fondation Poésie Publique”

  1. Gilles Chiasson Says:


    Would just like to be kept in touch with your foundation. I am a poet and writer, and I have been trying to find ways to get my stuff out. Your foundation seems interesting, but as you know, surely, that some enterprises are more of the vanity kind – I would like to feel assured this is a serious venue. From first glance, everything seems on the up and up. Will probably attend your festival, but as a member of the audience (ever so cautious).


  2. Steve Brewer Pres. WHS Alumni Says:

    Greetings ! The WHS Alumni are strong supporters of your Foundation and in particular of the Leonard Cohen Poet In Residence program at Westmount High.

    We are of course very proud of the program, our School and especially our illustrious alumni after whom this program is named.

    Our School is the oldest English High School in Montreal, possibly Quebec, being in continuous operation since 1873, our Alumni since 1936 and Leonard graduating class is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary this year.

    Let’s hope the Foundation can achieve an equally long record of success in the future !

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